Concrete tilt-up is one of the fastest growing building methods in the U.S., and Newcomb Construction has been leading the charge for over 25 years. Our tilt-up expertise is evident in every one of our projects, as are the direct benefits to our many satisfied clients.

Since 1992, Newcomb Construction has been Wisconsin's leader in concrete tilt-up construction. In the early 1990’s Madison was primarily a metal building town.  We saw this as an opportunity to offer a higher quality product that could be priced competitively to a metal building. 

Today we have built over 100 buildings using concrete tilt-up and have received numerous Tilt-Up Concrete Association Acheivement Awards. Concrete tilt-up has become our niche. And when a company focuses on a niche, two things happen: Quality increases and costs decrease.

Because we self perform the structural engineering and tilt-up system, we are able to streamline the build process and keep costs down. We have partnered with the best architects in the area to affordably build creative Class “A” office buildings for some of Madison's biggest companies.

In addition to lower construction costs, concrete tilt-up offers the following advantages:

  • Speed of construction
  • Attractiveness and design flexibility
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Less off-gassing of materials
  • Higher sustainability